RONIN International: Expert market research and data collection for Corporations, B2B, Healthcare & Tech

Our Approach

At RONIN, we understand that market research isn't just about data and information - it's about people and we get people.

Our roots in marketing consulting give us a unique perspective, allowing us to apply research data in a way that truly resonates with our clients and their customers.

Our work goes beyond simply providing data; we help our clients understand what that data means and how it can be used to address the major business issues they face. We focus on delivering marketplace insights that form the basis for informed decision-making and action at the corporate or business unit level.

With over thirty years of research experience to the healthcareIT and B2B sectors, we have a solid understanding of these industries, the competitive environment and the technical aspects of the products and services being developed and sold by our clients. 

Our experienced team offers survey link and hosting services, employing robust processes for fraud-free data collection. We also provide internal translation services, guidance on local compliance regulations, and data protection advice for multi-country projects. Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager to oversee every aspect and ensure delivery to the highest standard. 


Thanks to our clients for allowing us to showcase our knowledge and skills.

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From local legislation to GDPR, we take care of the detail.